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Heeeeyyyy!! It’s been 11 days since my last post, and I’ve been doing great! I just had to drudge up that “Want to” to go along with my “Need to”.

I was texting a friend everyday to have some accountability when I put something in my mouth. It did help, a lot, having to answer, or at least announce, when I put something in there. The facebook page was a good beginner tool too, but then a different friend recommended . Since I have an iPad I downloaded the app for it, and Oh.Em.Geeeee, what a big help it’s been such a huge help. I’ve already gone down 9 pounds from where I started, which is like an entire small infant! Still in the same size, still think I look the same, because, lucky me, I lose weight in my face and chest first :/ BUT, it’s still progress, and it’s still babysteps to a healtier weight and lifestyle.

It really isn’t a diet. I’m not trying to lose weight only to have it come creeping back up on me in a few months. I’m also not hell-bent on the 135 number I listed as my goal weight on MFP. Really, I just want to be comfortable in my skin. I don’t want to be mistaken for pregnant anymore, I don’t want to cry when I have to go dress shopping, I don’t want to have to wear a skort to the pool.

I know it takes time, but now that my mind is changing to accept the transformation, hopefully I will be able to keep up the work when the numbers on the scale aren’t dropping so quickly (which I know they will do in a few days once the water weight is gone).

Next step is getting better about excersize. I have a treadmill, but since it’s in my bedroom, and hubby works it’s hard to use it when I want since he’s asleep. I will try to start using it at night. I promise 🙂


All in all, not a bad day. Daytime eating isn’t too hard for me. The biggest hurdle to jump over is actually eating on a schedule. But, I did a good job of eating breakfast shortly after waking up, lunch about 2 hours later. A snack about 2 hours after that, and dinner about 3 hours later.

The hard part is the night time. Since hubby works midnights, I like to stay up with him on his nights off. This does not bode well for an empty tummy. I did have a mini bag of popcorn around 10pm, but had a glass of water with it so hopefully that doesn’t do me in.

I type, hubby is enjoying those savory bratwurst I mentioned the other day. Man, I really wanted one of those bad boys. But, I didn’t do it. I’m not sure if I feel good about that or depressed. Probably a little of both.

Tomorrow is day 4. I started a FB page to document my food, so my accountability partner can keep tabs on my food intake, along with texting her anytime something crosses my lips.

You know what else. You never notice how often you lick your fingers until you make a conscious effort not to!!

Today was harder than yesterday. I did have a mini kitkat, half a sugar free ice-cream sandwich, and a small handful of cupcake goldfish.

In addition I ate a bowl of special K, a weigh watchers lunch and yoplait light yogurt, mini bag of popcorn, 2 soft tacos and glass of milk. I didn’t put any ranch dressing on my tacos, and that sucked! Then I had the stuff listed above.

There are left over bratwurst calling my name I the fridge! I want to eat one of those meaty bastards so bad I can taste it!!

I’m really pissed that this is how I have to eat. I want to eat for fun. It’s like, the one indulgence in my life. It’s the one thing I do for me. I should take time to excersise and do THAT for me, but really, exercising isn’t as delicious as cheesecake!

I had severe caffeine withdraw yesterday, and was down for the count before the sun went down. Today’s headache wasn’t as bad, but still not fun. This is a battle I have to win! I hate needing a Cherry Coke Zero in the morning. It’s expensive and really makes me feel crappy. But, the kids were away for a few days, and I ordered a diet every time we went out to eat…which was a lot :/

I also can’t tell if I’m feeling crappy because of my diet change or because I’m getting a cold. I’d rather it be a cold so I can’t blame my crappy lifestyle on my feeling icky.

2 days down…please let tomorrow be easier!!!

I’m trying really, really, really hard not to eat everything I can get my hands on!! Why can’t I just tell my brain to stop thinking about food?

It’s 4pm and I have eaten a bowl of Special K, a healthy choice meal, a bowl of almonds and goldfish Graham crackers, and a bowl of sugar free jello with cool whip. Everything was measured out, and chewed slowly. I’m not even hungry!!! Man, I hate this part of breaking old habits and starting new ones 😡

AND, to keep making me more annoyed with myself and my brain, if I’d have stuck with it when I started this blog I would be almost 1 month in. Dang it!

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