I’m myself minus one small infant :)

Posted on: July 22, 2011

Heeeeyyyy!! It’s been 11 days since my last post, and I’ve been doing great! I just had to drudge up that “Want to” to go along with my “Need to”.

I was texting a friend everyday to have some accountability when I put something in my mouth. It did help, a lot, having to answer, or at least announce, when I put something in there. The facebook page was a good beginner tool too, but then a different friend recommended . Since I have an iPad I downloaded the app for it, and Oh.Em.Geeeee, what a big help it’s been such a huge help. I’ve already gone down 9 pounds from where I started, which is like an entire small infant! Still in the same size, still think I look the same, because, lucky me, I lose weight in my face and chest first :/ BUT, it’s still progress, and it’s still babysteps to a healtier weight and lifestyle.

It really isn’t a diet. I’m not trying to lose weight only to have it come creeping back up on me in a few months. I’m also not hell-bent on the 135 number I listed as my goal weight on MFP. Really, I just want to be comfortable in my skin. I don’t want to be mistaken for pregnant anymore, I don’t want to cry when I have to go dress shopping, I don’t want to have to wear a skort to the pool.

I know it takes time, but now that my mind is changing to accept the transformation, hopefully I will be able to keep up the work when the numbers on the scale aren’t dropping so quickly (which I know they will do in a few days once the water weight is gone).

Next step is getting better about excersize. I have a treadmill, but since it’s in my bedroom, and hubby works it’s hard to use it when I want since he’s asleep. I will try to start using it at night. I promise 🙂


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