Day of Rest

Posted on: June 23, 2012

I took a break today from my workouts.  I was so tired yesterday, and I knew today would be busy busy busy at church, so I just decided to sleep instead of getting up.  I was also lucky enough to take a nap while the baby slept.  How lovely was that?!

I’m feeling really good and successful about these changes.  So far I don’t have any regrets, and I’m please with my ability to “just say no” to things that I used to eat on a regular basis.  I also feel like I’m not denying myself things because in my brain I haven’t said “You are not allowed to eat A, B, or C.”  It seems to have made a big impact on my ability to fight off over-eating.  I’m also pretty sure that it’s because I’m filling up on good stuff during the day and that’s why I’m not starving by the time my day is over.

Made 2 changes in my Subway order today.  I usually get the turkey and ham on white with light mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, extra pickles, and American.  While I was waiting my turn, I noticed that they have spinach on the bar, and I knew right away that I was getting that instead of the lettuce.  Loved it!  I also tried out their 9 grain Honey Oat bread, and oooohhhh was it good.  I still got the cheese, but I really think that next time I won’t even get it.  Granted I still have plenty of calories left for my day, but I probably didn’t need it.

Other than that, boring day in my world.  Good choices were made, and I’m happy to keep trucking along.  Here’s hoping that the pizza that is coming up tomorrow for our playdate doesn’t do me in, but I don’t think it will.


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