Take these eyes and learn to see

Posted on: February 20, 2013

Hello friends!  The other day I was on the hunt for a great *FREE* eye pattern to use on a ninja turtle hat I was putting together.  I couldn’t find any, so I just figured I’d give it the ol’ college try, and see what I could come up with on my own.  I’m not an experienced crocheter, I’m not a designer, and I’ve only been reading patterns for about 6 months.  So, I did some basics I knew and came up with some pretty cool eyes for my guy!  I wrote down what I did, and I thought I’d share it incase others were looking for some eyes that were a little different.  Remember, I am NOT a pattern writer.  I wrote down what I did, but honestly, I don’t know how I did it 😀  Also, these eyes can be shaped after completion.  How you attach them will determine how they will look on the finished project.  As you can see, I slanted mine and pulled them to make them a little more narrow.

I started out with a great beanie from I’m Topsy Turvey in her child size.


Ninja Turtle Eyes:

Black and White worsted weight, optional colored yarn to match “mask”,  H hook, tapestry needle

With black, make 2:

10 sc inside magic ring, sl to first sc

ch1, 8 sc, turn (do not chain)

sl in second sc

2 hdc in next

1hdc & 1 dc in next

2 dc in next

1dc & 1 hdc in next

sl in next 2, finish off (leave long tail for attaching)

With white:

Attach white with sl to first sl of black (leave long tail for attaching)

sc in next

2 hdc in next

2 dc in next

1dc & 1 tr in next

4 tr in next

1 tr & 1 dc in next

2 dc in next

2 hdc in next

sc in next

sl in next, finish off. (leave long tail for attaching)

*Optional mask color:

Left eye:

Holding the eye with the black part on the right and the white part on the left attach colored yarn to the first, top, white sl; hdc in same

hdc in next 7

2 hdc in next

2 hdc & sl in next, finish off  (leave long tail for attaching)

Right eye:

Holding the eye with the black part on the left and the white part on the right, attach colored yarn in 10th st from left to right (should be second of the groups of 4 tr); 2 hdc in same

2 hdc in next

hdc in next 7

slst in last, finish off  (leave long tail for attaching)

I attached through back loops, and lined up the orange of the eye with the orange of the mask.

I hope that helps!  I’m sorry if they were confusing.  Like I said, I don’t write patterns, I just wrote down what I did.  I think these would also be super cute froggie eyes if they were turned upright.  Maybe that will be next 😀



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looooooook at you, writing patterns and such, so proud!

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