Is there anything better than Tiffany Blue??

Posted on: March 17, 2013

A long time ago, well, not that long ago, but in my crochet life it seems a long time ago, I started a hunt for “Tiffany Blue” yarn.  I’m not fancy, I don’t own any jewelry from Tiffany & Co, but I did receive a beautiful crystal bowl as a wedding gift.  It now holds cough drops on my night stand.  There is just something about that blue box that makes whatever is inside seem magical to me, and I’ve still got the box and the bag.  I’ll never throw them away…EVER!

So, anyway, I’ve been on this hunt for about 2 years for just the right shade of blue.  Some have come close, but usually they are just too blue or too green.  And, while they would probably work, and people would know what look I was going for I just could not settle for something almost “Tiffany Blue”. 

The other day, I headed out to Jo~Ann Fabrics to pick up a few skeins for some other projects I was working on.  I took the Tiffany & Co. shopping bag with me to see what I could see.  I came up with a pretty good match in the Red Heart’s Aruba Sea.  I picked up a skein to play with, but honestly, I don’t love the feel of the super saver yarn, and I didn’t think the quality would showcase a project modeled after such a well known and high-end brand.  I brought it home and threw it in my pile’o yarn to pick up and hook another day.

The next day, I had to go back to Jo~Ann’s to get more yarn for the original project I was working on.  As I was walking past some endcaps that were previously empty I stopped dead in my tracks!!  It was now filled with baby yarn, and holy, sweet mamma, there was a dead wringer match for “Tiffany Blue”!!!  I about yelp with happiness and quickly threw 2 skeins of the Bernat Giggles Giggling Green  in my cart.  Ooooooo, I was so excited!!!  I was also excited because there was a 50% off sale on buttons, and I knew exactly what I wanted!  Jo has this great line of wedding notions called bliss.  They are blingy and pearly and just right for my project.  I consulted my Tiffany & Co expert, Katie from Domestic Debacle, to be sure I chose the correct button.  Since I already knew what I’d be creating with this exciting find, I headed over to pick some fabric to attempt to line the finished piece.  I’m not a seamstress, per se, but I can use a sewing machine, so I’m confident it will be successful.  

Stay tuned for the finished project, and the story of how the pattern I was originally going to used gave me fits for a whole day before I just took the bare bones, and made it even better.

And now, behold my beauty:



3 Responses to "Is there anything better than Tiffany Blue??"

I love Tiff&Co blue and it is magical!

[…] finished my project with the Tiffany Blue-ish yarn.  I’m very happy with the outcome, even though there were a few hiccups along the way. […]

Thank you so much for sharing your find! I just ordered a bunch for a baby blanket and hat project for my Tiffany & Co. loving sister in law! Hope she likes it!!!

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