Good things come in small packages.

Posted on: March 21, 2013

I love tiny things.  It could be because I’m short, or it could be because tiny things that look like normal sized things are just so cute!  I secretly love my daughters’ Squinkies and Littlest Pet Shops.

About a year after I started crocheting I made my first doily.  I loved it!  I loved working with the thread, and making something so intricate.  I was interested in creating other things with threads too, but wasn’t sure I could do it.  I got a big set of Craft Thread with intentions to make something, I just didn’t know what.  Well that thread got sorted in a nifty little container by color and got stuffed under a pile of projects and skeins.  Fast forward to a few months ago, and I’d seen a cute lady bug pattern that I thought might be just right for my first thread project.  She was successful, and super cute.  “Lady Tiff” was gifted to a sweet friend for good luck before her surgery, and has since made several trips to bring cheer to others who needed a little pick-me-up. 


I hadn’t done anything else in the thread since January, but when I saw a contest on The YarnBox, a great resource for free crochet patterns, I thought a mini amigurumi would be just right.  All you do is choose any pattern from their database, make it, post a picture of your finished project, and link to the YarnBox site you used.  I took a look around and found a very sweet turtle who was just right for my contest entry.  I followed the pattern almost exactly, only changing her tail a little to make it look better when attached (due to size, not pattern), adding a loop to her back to attach a key chain, and adding a small shelled border along the edge of her shell.  She was made using the craft thread in 2 shades of green, brown, and lilac, and a 2mm steel crochet hook.  She was too tiny to make eyes, so I just omitted them, but I am lucky enough to have an 8-year-old with a giant container of beads, so I was able to find a tiny flower bead to decorate her head.

Please meet my Shy Little Violet 🙂


To get the shell border, I did (3 hdc in one fl, skip 2, sc) around, sl st in first hdc.  The loop is just a chain of 7.

After I posted a picture of this little cutie to my Facebook page I had another sweet lady ask me if I could make her a teeny owl.  Since I was in “Thread Mode” I found another cutie cute pattern on The YarnBox and got to work.  This guy was much easier than the turtle, since she had many bits to sew together.  If you’re interested in giving a mini a try I think the owl would be an excellent choice.  Again, I followed the pattern almost exactly, only adding a loop for his chain and I crocheted the whites of his eyes instead of using felt.  He was made with aqua, white, and yellow thread, and the 2mm steel hook.  His new mommy has named him Hooter, and I think it suites him nicely!



To make the eyes for this guy, I just 10 sc into a magic loop, sl st to first sc, and pull center tight.  Make sure you attach them before you stuff.  I did the beak after I stuffed it, but it would have been easier to do it before.  I’m not good at hand embroidery, so I just used a small dot of paint for the pupils, but if you’re good at a French Knot, then I think that would be a fantastic option.

I’ve had lots of requests for other critters.  I’m excited to shrink another amigurumi pattern soon…the hard part is deciding what!!!


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