I love my kids my way, you love your kids your way.

Posted on: March 26, 2013

There are a lot of things about childhood that I love.  I especially love the magic that surrounds tasks that adults do in order to make children feel more special.  I’m lucky to still have an 8.5-year-old believer who I can convince of just about anything.  That innocence is something that I cherish more and more as the kids get older.  I know that once K stops believing then L & B aren’t far behind.

One of the things I started doing when K lost her first tooth was delivering dollar bill origami from our tooth fairy.  We’ve expressed that not every family has the same tooth fairy, and this is what our’s does.  Some others might only bring coins, or more money, but our tooth fairy brings a dollar bill folded into some little “thingy”.  Aside from one time when K told me she didn’t want money she wanted jewelry like her friend, and the first time she lost a tooth when the tooth fairy brought her a $5, she’s woken up to a little folded something.


Top: Butterfly, Heart, Pyramid, Crane
Bottom: Ring, Heart Bookmark, Elephant
These were all made using videos on YouTube. If you’d like to try some, the heart, I think, is the easiest.

So, what’s the point of this post?  Well the first reason is to say that IF you come up with a fantastically imaginative task for your tooth fairy, remember that your kid has 20 chompers that they are going to be expecting payment for, and if you have more than one kid, well…you do the math.  I did not know that when I started this origami adventure, and now, I think I’m probably scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as ideas go for single dollar bill pieces.  My fairy may have to move on to Sacajawea coins soon, since those are still a hot item under our roof.

The second reason is because it is totally worth it.  I don’t go overboard on that Shelf Elf thing.  I don’t write notes for lunch boxes.  I don’t play games for hours, or do tea parties, or build blocks, or do puppet shows.  I tried, for like a minute, to keep up with Momma Jones, but it was just too stressful, and I didn’t like it.  My kid could have cared less whether her sandwich was cut like a heart or a square.  However, if there is one thing I believe is my job as a mom it’s to keep my kids as innocent and full of wonder for as long as I am able to, and if that means I have to send them presents from Santa when they are in college then by golly, that’s what I’m going to do.  As much of a pain in the neck as it is to find a video that is good enough to follow to make that dollar origami “thingy”, when she wakes up and finds it her excitement makes that hour I spent folding, cursing, unfolding, cursing, and folding worth every second.

The third thing, and maybe not a reason for this post, but a point I’d like to make is this: I’m not sharing this because I want you to feel bad.  I’m not sharing this because I think the only way to make your kids love you is to do ridiculously outrageous things that stress you out beyond belief.  I already like to do paper folding.  I already like to be crafty.  I already like to pretend that fairies are real and write letters from them to the kids.  Stop beating yourself up about not being that other kid’s mom, or for not having time to do what you think other moms are doing.  Those moms don’t have your life or your kids.  Those moms don’t do it to make you look bad, so stop making yourself feel bad about not doing what they do.  They do it for their kids, but that doesn’t mean that they love theirs more than you love yours.  Kids are a chance to be a kid again.  Yes, yes, we have to be the grown-ups, and the leaders and the rule makers.  But, it’s okay to laugh at potty jokes (NOT at the dinner table, seriously, why at the dinner table??!!), it’s okay to get dirty, it’s okay to run through a parking lot with a cart full of groceries and a kid shrieking with glee in the front seat.  It’s okay to stop what your doing and look at a rainbow.  It’s okay to catch a fly and throw it into a spider web just so see what happens.  It’s okay to “car dance” when a fun song comes on.

My mothering style is K.I.S.S, meaning, Keep It Simple and Sweet.  I didn’t mean to get all ranty on you, but one thing that burns my biscuits is wonderfully wonderful moms getting down on themselves because they aren’t “THAT” mom who ever that is.  And, if you think I’m on of “THOSE” moms that has it all together, I’m totally not.  Be a fly on my wall any day and you’ll see a mom who is in yoga pants, glasses, over sized t-shirts and pulling her hair out because, “L is breathing on me AGAIN!”

Love yourself, love your kids, love their daddy if you’re able to (and if you’re not then love yourself even more), and keep the magic alive because while they might grow up they won’t ever grow out of it.  The magic you plant in them will live on, and one day you might get to see them share that magic with someone else ❤ 


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I enjoy your blog and I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Here is the link come and check it out 😀 http://crochetcricket.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/liebster-nomination/

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