When the kids are away mommy will crochet…

Posted on: June 29, 2013

I’m supposed to be cleaning my house right now, since my awesome parents kept my kids for 4 days.  I did all day cleaning/ purging Thursday and Friday, so I thought I’d take a few hours to myself today.

The other night, while scrolling through the miles and miles of pins on Pinterest, I came across a super cute Yoda coffee cup cozy.  It was wrapped around a “tall” Starbucks cup, and what luck, hubby and I had been there earlier that evening, so I had one sitting right next to me!!  The Pinterest link heads over to a website that posts picture of the cup cozy, but the Etsy shop that it was linked to is closed until further notice and it didn’t look like they had a pattern available anyway.

It looked pretty simple, and I thought it’d be a quick project to try.  I had the yarn colors, and was confident I could figure it out since it’s only a basic cup cozy and a circle with some buttons sewn on.

I used: Red Heart SS in Buff and Frosty Green.  Hooks sized 6.5mm for the “body” and 3.75mm for the face/arms. 11mm buttons for the eyes.

I found this free pattern from Lion Brand for a simple cup cozy.  I made it using only one color, so don’t follow the directions for the stripes…unless you want stripes.  Then by all means go right ahead!

For the circle I just followed my amigurumi knowledge, and made a spiral.  If you don’t have amigurumi knowledge, then just make a magic loop, sc 5 times in loop, and increase to 25.  Do not join rounds and don’t finish off yet, because your guy needs ears!

I made his ears like this:

Right side: After I’d done the circle, I sc’d 5 more times, chained one, and turned.  5 sc, ch1, turn.  Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn.  3 sc, ch1, turn. Sc2tog, sc, ch1, turn.  Sc2tog.  Finish off.

Left side: From top of right ear (where it connects to the head not the tip of the ear) count back and attach yarn to the 7th stitch.  Sc in same stitch and next 4, ch1, turn.  5 sc, ch1, turn.  Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn.  3 sc, ch1, turn. Sc2tog, sc, ch1, turn.  Sc2tog.  Finish off.  Sew your eyes on now.

Arms (make 2): With green, 5sc in magic loop.  5 sc around again and change to buff.  Do 2 rounds of the buff and finish off.

Attach your bits, weave in ends, and go buy yourself a cup of coffee 😀


5 Responses to "When the kids are away mommy will crochet…"

My boys (ages 38 and 48)are die hard Star Wars junkies. These are perfect for them. Also, my 1 yr. old grandaughter was yoda for Halloween…..ADORABLE. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

Making this right now with a different cozy pattern (button closure to be used on home mug or paper cup!) For a friend. Thanks so much!!!!

Reblogged this on eleisawifelife and commented:
thanks for sharing!

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