Hi!! Have we met? No, well if you clicked About then you must want to know just that.

I’m a transplant Steel City girl who moved to Dayton, Ohio in 2000. I got married in 2003, and became a Stay-at-Home-Mom in 2004. Being home with the baby (and then babies) took away most of my free time, and I began to lose the things that made me ME. My days were filled with all Mommy all the time. Eventually, those babies grew up, and less of my time was spent nurturing 24/7. I began to rediscover some of my layers, and this is where I’m rediscovering them!!

While Mommy & Wife are my outer most layers, there are lots and lots of other things that I have going on. Some layers are good. Some layers aren’t so good.

Here are some of my layers:

I love to sing. I love to crochet. I like to read. I like to bake. I like to cook. I like to do crafty things. I like to grocery shop as long as I’m alone.

I hate to clean. I hate to fold laundry. I hate getting out of bed unless I want to. I hate emptying the dish washer.

So, that’s what I’m “About”. Have you thought about unwrapping your layers today??


1 Response to "About"

hi! you don’t know me at all. i stumbled across your blog because my blog is called Don’t Let Them Eat Cake, and you had a post called that…. so I clicked and read on. anyway, i am a stay at home mom so desperately trying to lose my baby weight and i am having so much frustration doing so. i love the way you write, and i feel like it could be me saying those exact things! i just wanted to reach out and extend an invitation to my food journal blog. i am trying to get women together who want to be mindful of eating and share recipes. don’t feel like you have to join, but the offer is there 🙂 -angel (from san diego)

shoot me back with an email so i can add you as an author on my blog…. if you want 😉

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